The power of massage therapy for SA’s stressed out men

By Martina Laurie, a qualified chartered accountant and the CEO of Hands on Treatment

In today’s society it is impossible to avoid stress and the daily struggle for most people is to minimise the impact stress has on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. In the month of June, on Father’s Day, the focus will turn to the role of men and the demands placed on fathers worldwide. Experts in the wellness industry believe in the inherent qualities and remedy that massage does offer.

Stress comes in many forms and its causes can be widespread. People of all ages and backgrounds are susceptible to personal and job-related stress, many will experience a combination of both.

The physical signs of stress can include headaches, illness, chest pains, insomnia, mood swings, exhaustion, inability to focus or concentrate, memory loss, not eating properly and other well documented tell-tale signs.

Emotionally, the signs are possibly not as straightforward and can manifest in behavioural problems, a lack of emotional control.

However, as wellness experts have explained, people are so used to being stressed that it is often very difficult to recognised symptoms and inevitably look past the problem of stress and its impact.

Another issue is that there is an element of subjectivity to stress and stress management. Stress means different things to different people, and this makes management and techniques difficult to apply.

Men are often confronted by workplace stress first and it is also understood that males tend to push emotional issues to the side and confront other more direct issues in their lives.

Stressful scenarios are also exacerbated by major life changes, anything from getting married, moving, divorce, a new job or losing a job.

We know that stress is a reality in today’s immediate, fast-paced lifestyle. We also know that it is impossible to avoid stress and, according to health facts, a little stress can actually be good for you.

However, consistent stress, unmanaged, unchecked and not effectively managed, can be a silent killer.

For men, who are often guilty of adopting a ‘it’s nothing I can’t handle’ type attitude, there is a solution and it is called massage therapy.

Aside from the fact that it feels physically good, has immediate health benefits, including improved circulation and relaxation, it is easy, straightforward and not expensive.

There are also long-term benefits as a solid, constant source of massage therapy is biologically proven to help reduce the impact of stress on the system.

it is worth considering and Father’s Day may just be the ideal time to spoil that man in your life!

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