About Us

The History of the Hands On Group

Martina and therapist Hands On Treatment, The Mobile Massage Company celebrated her 10th birthday in August 2012. What an exciting journey it has been growing into one of Gauteng’s leading day spas: through our skills development programme we have uplifted in an excess of 500 young women over the 10 year period of which 95% of these women were black, under the age of 35 and resided within a 20km radius from Sandton. 2004 We started our mobile massage business with humble beginnings, employing only 4 therapists in 2002. . In 2004 we opened the Hands On Healing Day Spa in Craighall Park creating an additional 20 jobs and offering affordable Group-with-Martina 2009 November 2009 launched Hands On Retreat and Sleep Spa readying for the 2010 World Soccer of June/July 2010 creating an additional 6 jobs, further cementing our future status as a leading day spa in Gauteng. 2010 Relocated the spa to the Hands On Retreat in Craighall. The focus of the Guest House is rest combined with relaxing spa specials and beauty treatments creating an additional 4 jobs. 2012 Fresh Coffee Shop was started in partnership with Christo Laurie duirng January 2012 offering breakfast, lunch, high teas and picnic baskets to the patrons of Hands On Retreat creating another 4 jobs. Hands On Hair in partnership with Sam White was started in June 2012. Sam specialises in colour and is a very dedicated hair dresser and another job was once again created. During October 2012, Hands On Slimming was started and the now famous trio slimming package was launched. 2 new jobs were created. 2013handsstaff In August 2013, Craighall House was bought into the group where the focus is on corporate accommodation and luxurious spa specials. As from 1 October 2013, Christo Laurie and Josh Alpaugh, chef patrons are taking Fresh Fine Foods to the next level and the menu has been redesigned and expanded to include dinners.  Fresh supports the slow movement of food preparation so expect a 20 minute waiting period. 2014 We opened a Hands On Treatment branch in Cape Town thus we are now able to provide our mobile massage service to our clients who have offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town . With a full time staff compliment of 20, and another 40 part time therapists, we are now able to de-stress and treat our corporate clients and staff at their place of work and at our venue when the need arises to break away for some “me” time, making available our fantastic spa specials on demand The Future The future plans of the Group is to open a Hands On Treatment branch in Pretoria as travelling to and from Pretoria has become very costly in terms of transport and time.

Job Creation and Empowering Women

96% of the Hands On employees are female and of the 96% female employees, 98% are either black or brown. A survey among the therapist was conducted by an independent student in 2009. His statistics  indicated that PDI woman under the age of 30 support or assists in supporting on average 3.26 dependants.  Thus by employing one PDI woman under the age of 30, 4.26 benefit from a single salary. Hands On Treatment, on average, employs 20 therapists on a monthly basis, an excess of 80 people benefit directly from salaries received. Currently 28 % of youth is unemployed in South Africa. As the majority of therapists are between the ages of 18 and 28, the Hands On Group is doing her part of elevation the unemployment rate while growing our day spa in Johannesburg around the country. Hands On Treatment THE Mobile Massage Company is BBBEE Level 1 contributitor.